We're excited to start "normal" classes again, however our classes are currently MEMBERS ONLY. Due to COVID-19 & the Government guidelines there will be a few changes in class numbers, teaching styles, schedule etc. Creating a safe environment is not just for your safety but for ours as well. We ask that you abide by all the rules and guidelines whilst you are on the premises including outside, for full rules & guidelines please follow the link, we ask that everybody reads them before class. When arriving we ask that you arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before, if you do we ask that you remain in your car until indicated otherwise, please do not leave your car to have conversation with fellow dancers - our gates will be open 20/30 minutes before class. To limit the spread of COVID-19 we are asking everyone to wear a face covering whilst entering and exiting the building - to be removed before beginning class. Social distancing is in place at all times, this includes when waiting to be checked in as well as leaving. We also ask that you bring as little personal belongings with you as you can, we suggest that you only bring the following; hand/man bag, shoe bag, drinks bottle and face covering, any other belongings should be left in your car. Our bar remains closed, so please bring a drink in a bottle with a sealable top/lid. Throughout the duration of the class we ask that you remain in your own dancing square or your own chair, this is to keep interaction with others to a minimum. If you need to use the toilet we ask that only one use it at a time, and leave the dance floor correctly to ensure everybody’s safety. After class has finished, make sure you have all your personal belongings, any left behind will be binned. We would appreciate limiting your socialising in and outside of the building when leaving, we advise that everyone vacates the premises as soon as possible - please do not have a “catch up” in the car park. This allows us time to clean and prepare for the next class. If you are travelling too with another dancer who is not in your household or support bubble to remember to wear face covering if you are the passenger. All classes must be pre-booked, you will not be able to just turn up, for more information please read below. If you do not abide by the rules & guideline at any time, you may be asked to leave.


Please read all of the following information so you can help us create a safe environment.


How classes will work - As we slowly return, so will the number of classes, hours etc. Current classes are subject to change, depending on demand and the Government guidelines. Our classes are currently limited to an hour, with a maximum of 12 people able to attend each class - no spectators or drop ins, this is to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by minimising contact. Each attendee will have their own box on the dance floor which will be theirs and theirs alone for that class. Each space is available to pre-book via our booking system below - if you do NOT pre-book you will be denied access.


How to book & pay for a class - There are a few ways you'll be able to pay for a class prior or on arrival, see below;

1. Pay online, choose the class you'd like to attend and pay before you arrive via Credit/Debit card or PayPal. 

2. Select "Pay in Person",  you will be able to pay on arrival either contactless or cash. Please note: if you are paying by cash, correct money has to be sealed in an envelope with your name and membership number.


If you do not wish to book a slot via our website you can contact us via email, telephone or social media.

Once you've selected a class to attend the following information will be required to complete the booking; full name/s, telephone number/s, and membership number/s. However if you have the NHS COVID-19 Contact-Tracing app then only the following would be required; name/s & membership number/s. Please note: the required information applies to each attendee, a maximum of two per booking.


  • Members ONLY (both participants).

  • Bookings are limited to 2 per class. Booking information required; full name, telephone number/s and membership numbers/s.

  • We accept online payments prior, as well as contactless and cash on arrival. If you are paying by cash, must be sealed in an envelope with your name/s and membership number/s.

  • Social Distancing - keep 2m apart to all times.

  • Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before.

  • Face coverings MUST be worn to enter and exit.

  • Bring your own drink i.e water - all drinks must be in a sealable bottle.

  • Bring as little as possible - i.e just you hand/man bag, shoe bag, drinks bottle, face covering.

  • Any items left behind such as drinks bottles, cardigans, jackets, shoes, bags etc. will be binned.

  • NO spectator or drop ins - if you are NOT dancing you will not be able to enter the building.

  • Own square on the dance floor.

  • Own chair - either located on it's own or with a member of your household/bubble (we provide).

  • NO personal fans (hand or electric) - this is to limit the risk of spreading COVID-19.

  • Keep contact with others to a minimum.

  • If you DO NOT abide by the rules and guidelines you may be asked to leave.

  • Leave the premises as soon as possible once class has finished.

**all rules & guidelines are subject to change and/or update.

Private Group Bookings

Would you like to book for a Private Group? We have limited Private Group booking classes available, varying in levels, music genres etc. Our maximum capacity for a class is 12 people, prices will vary depending on the number of your group. All participants must be members.Please get in contact for more information and availability.

  • Learn the basics to a mix of music from Pop to Country.

    5 British pounds
  • Progress with our Beginner/Easy Improver class.

    5 British pounds
  • Improver Only Line Dances to Country Music.

    5 British pounds
  • Improver to Intermediate Line Dances to a mixture of Music.

    5 British pounds
  • Improver to Intermediate Line Dances to Country Music Only.

    5 British pounds
  • Challenge yourself with our Intermediate to Advanced class.

    5 British pounds
  • Keep Fit. Have Fun.

    5 British pounds