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It's National Baking Week!

Pop on your apron, pre-heat the oven and get ready for some delicious recipes. It's National Baking Week from 14th - 20th October, highlighting the benefits of baking. We'll be sharing some dance inspired recipes everyday available on our website & social media platforms, so get your dance shoes on and boogie around the kitchen whilst baking these yummy treats.

About National Baking Week

Pyrex originally founded National Baking Week back in 2007 with other like-minded baking brands, with the aim of encouraging people of all abilities to bake at home.

With Britain’s fascination with baking and cooking shows growing year on year, baking at home is as popular as ever, no matter what the level of ability.

Here’s a few reasons why baking at home has other benefits than just eating the yummy creations!

  1. Baking stimulates the senses

  2. Nourishing activities feel good

  3. Cooking is Meditative

  4. Baking is creative

  5. Baking makes other people happy.

Share your baking recipes and photos with us! #bakingmelookgoodagain #gottobeflaky #bakingpuns


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