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Change from Live Classes to Pre-Recorded

The last 2 weeks we have enjoyed bringing to you our line dance classes online, however we have encountered a few technical issues on our end. Some issues have resulted in re-filming some classes to be able to make them available as a 'video', therefore we have chosen to do some test pre-recorded classes. The online classes will still be available at the sam usual time of 11am and 3pm, Monday to Friday and will still be recorded as 'live', I wouldn't want you to miss out on my antics. All new videos will now only have an approximately 5 minute 'Stay Tuned, Starting Soon' intro. With this we hope to be able to bring you some 'Special Classes' in the coming weeks too and possible 'socials'/

Here is a link to our online Classes;

The online Improver/Easy Intermediate Country #2 from Thursday has an issue, it has been re-filmed and is now available to watch. For anyone who has already purchased the live individual class, please get in touch. This doesn't NOT apply to Monthly Subscribers.

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