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Culpeppers People's Dance Choice Of The Year 2022 • WINNERS

It's time for the first annual Culpeppers People's Dance Choice of the Year Awards Winners. We announced some amazing categories based on the abundance of great dances released from December 2021 to November 2022. You voted in seven dance categories and one choreographer category. All dances have been taught at various classes throughout the year including our 'Classic' category.

Check out the full list of winners below;

Dance of the Year

Mama & Me by Gary O'Reilly

Choreographer of the Year

Gary O'Reilly

Cassey's Dance Choice of the Year

That's How It Goes by Ria Vos & Michael Lynn

Beginner Dance of the Year

Love Button by Nina Skyrud

Improver Dance of the Year

Green Green Grass by Karl-Harry Winson

Intermediate/Advanced Dance of the Year

Rolling With Love by Heather Barton & Simon Ward

Country Dance of the Year

Mama & Me by Gary O'Reilly

Multi-Genre Dance of the Year

Give Me Your Tempo by Nathan Gardiner

Classic Dance of the Year

13 MWZ by Sherry McClure

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