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Opening & Class Announcement


We are excited and hope you are too, to announce that we will be opening for in-person classes from Monday 5th October, 2020. In order to ope there are a number of laws and guidelines we MUST follow for this to happen. This will give you a brief assessment, but PLEASE read the FULL information BEFORE attending any class. FULL information will be available on our website.

The members of the club are thoughtful, caring people, with this in mind I'm sure you will want to help me keep other members that may be more vulnerable as safe as possible. So even if you feel healthy, strong and invincible please be considerate to those who may not be feeling the same way.


In line with Government Guidance to open we must take measures to ensure we are COVID secure. COVID secure requires;

  • Risk Assessment

  • Cleaning, Hand washing, Hygiene procedures in place.

  • Workplace is safe for staff to work

  • 2m Social Distancing

  • At LEAST 1m with mitigating action.

Our RISK ASSESSMENT is available to read in full on our website.


We have new rules and guidelines at the club, please read and follow to keep EVERYONE as safe as possible. We will be reviewing them on a regular basis, if you have any questions please let us know.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Members ONLY (both participants).

  • Bookings are limited to 2 per class. Booking information includes; Full Name, Telephone Number/s and Membership Number/s.

  • We accept online payments prior, as well as contactless and cash on arrival. If you are paying by cash, must be in a sealed envelope with your Name/s and Membership Number/s.

  • Social Distance - Keep 2m apart at all times.

  • Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before.

  • Face coverings MUST be worn to enter and exit the building.

  • Bring your own drink - i.e. water - all drinks must be in a sealable bottle.

  • Bring as little as possible - i.e. just your hand/man bag, shoe bag, drinks bottle, face covering.

  • Any items left behind such as drinks bottle, cardigans, jackets, shoes, bags etc. will be disposed of.

  • NO spectators or drop ins - if you are NOT dancing you will not be able to enter the building.

  • Own square on the dance floor.

  • Own chair - either located on it's own or with a member of your household/bubble (we provide).

  • NO Food - any kind (unless medical reasons)

  • NO person fans (hand or electric) - this is to limit the risk of spreading COVID-19.

  • Leave the premises as soon as possible once class has finished.

  • Keep contact with other to a minimum (NO hugging or shaking hands etc.)

If you DO NOT abide by the rules and guidelines you may be asked to leave
*all rules and guidelines are subject to change and/or update.


We would like to remind you when attending the club;

  1. Wear a face covering

  2. Keep your distance

  3. Wash your hands or sanitise

  4. Cover your mouth if coughing or sneezing

  5. Avoid touching your face

  6. Stay home if you are ill


The maximum capacity of people we are allowed in the club building with social distancing at any one time is 24. The capacity of the dance floor with social distancing will be 12 max.


The law requires all venues where you are likely to spend more than 15 minutes in to display a QR Code. The QR code helps the NHS Track and Trace, and stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). You can scan the QR Code on entry if you have a smartphone, don't worry if you don't we will be keeping a register of all those attending classes.


Government guidelines require us to have a pre-booking system in place. We have chosen to provide an easy to use online booking system on our website, this will include the class schedule where you will be able to book classes up to 2 weeks in advance. We hope this system will give all members a fair chance of booking their desired class. We are unsure at this moment in time the demand for certain classes therefore will add, change or remove as necessary. When you book a class you will be asked to provide the following information;

  • Name/s.

  • Telephone/s.

  • Email Address (your email address will be used to give you a booking confirmation, 24hr reminder and the option to reschedule if necessary.

There is more information on our FAQs via

Payment options include; a Debit/Credit card, PayPal or on arrival using contactless or a sealed envelope with the correct money, your name/s and membership number/s. If you are unable to use this system please contact us to make other arrangements.

IMPORTANT - You MUST pre-book to attend class, there will be NO drop-ins, there will be NO spectators. ONLY book a class if you intended to dance and all classes will be MEMBERS only for the time being.

p.s. Class Debrief: At the end of each class Cassey will revise the list of dances (giving you time to make a note) that have been taught during the session as well as answering any questions you may have.


We would like to offer you the opportunity to book a Members Private Group Class. These classes can vary in music genres, levels etc. For example; Improver Classic Class, Beginner Country Class or All Levels Mix Class. Our maximum capacity for this class is 12 people, prices will vary depending on the number of your group. Get in contact for more information and availability.



10am - 11am • Improver/Intermediate - Mix

2pm - 3pm • Beginner/Easy Improver - Mix

8pm - 9pm • Improver - Country


10am -11am • Linedancercise

2pm - 3pm • Improver/Intermediate - Country

7pm - 8pm • Beginner - Mix


10am - 11am • Improver/Intermediate - Country

2pm - 3pm • Improver - Mix

8pm - 9 pm • Intermediate - Mix


10am - 11am • Beginner/Easy Improver - Mix

8pm - 9pm • Improver/Intermediate - Country

**all classes and times are subject to change.

If you have any questions or require any additional information, please let us know.


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