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The 27th Crystal Boot Awards • Winner

The annual 27th Crystal Boots Awards were held in Blackpool, UK this past weekend. The Line Dance community came together once again to celebrate another year of dance. See the full list of winners below;

Rising Star

Mark Furnell and Chris Godden

Artist of the Year

Nikki Napier

DJ of the Year

Michelle Risley

Digital Platform of the Year

Copperknob George Crutchlow

Love of Dance Award

Jessie Chan and Debbie Morgan

Personality of the Year

Simon Ward

Choreographer of the Year

Maddison Glover

Absolute Beginner Dance

'Rocket to the Sun' by Maddison Glover

Beginner Dance of the Year

'I Close My Eyes' by Hazel Pace

Improver Dance of the Year

'Cold Heart' by Maddison Glover

Intermediate Dance of the Year

'Another One Bites the Dust' by Ryan Hunt

Advanced Dance of the Year

'Portland Cha' by Amy Bailey, Dustin Betts, Simon Ward, Niels Poulsen, Jean-Pierre Madge & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

Established Dance of the Year (1-5 years old)

'Bad Habits' by Gary O' Reilly and Maggie Gallagher

Classic Dance of the Year

'Pot of Gold' by Liam Hyrcan

Dance of the Year

'Storm and Stone' by Maddison Glover

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