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What's New • January 2022

Take a look through all the 'New' dances, we've been teaching at class over the past month from Beginners to Intermediate - all music genres.


  • 'Edge of Heaven' by Cassey Rowe

  • 'Dreams Run Away' by Jean Henke & Mona Gardner


  • 'Jacket On' by Gudrun Schneider

  • 'We Didn't Have Much' by Marie-France Dessauge, Kady Sane, Cathy Denis, Martine Fournier & Lydie Bayo

  • 'Take It' by Tina Argyle

  • 'Keep Young' by Maggie Gallagher

  • 'Holding Hands Together' by José Miguel Belloque Vane & Alison Johnstone

  • 'Everywhere' by The Highlander


  • 'Fallen Wings' by Dee Musk

  • ''Til I Can't' by Gary O'Reilly

  • 'Less & Less' by Travis Taylor

  • 'In Heaven' by Karl-Harry Winson

  • 'Let Him Leave' by Myra Harrold

  • 'San Antone Waltz' by Charlie Bowring, Rob Fowler & I.C.E


  • 'Tequila La-La-La' by Gary O'Reilly

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