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What's New • September 2021

Take a look through all the 'New' dances, we've been teaching at class over the past month from Beginners to Intermediate - all music genres.


  • 'Kreedom' by Cassey Rowe

  • 'It's Alright' by Cassey Rowe

  • 'Drinkin' Days' by Cassey Rowe

  • 'That Thing' by Cassey Rowe


  • 'Diamond Studded Shoes' by Jamie Barnfield

  • 'Free Woman' by Janet (Zhen Zhen) Ge

  • 'Cold Heart' by Maddison Glover

  • 'Blue Sky' by Ron Tate

  • 'Corn' by Rob Fowler


  • 'Learning To Fly' by Rob Fowler & Laura Sway

  • 'Call My Bluff' by Dustin Betts

  • 'Into The Spotlight' by Kim Ray

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