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What's New • October 2021

Take a look through all the 'New' dances, we've been teaching at class over the past month from Beginners to Intermediate - all music genres.


  • 'Let Me Fall' by Cassey Rowe

  • 'The Sweetest' by Cassey Rowe

  • 'Riding Shotgun' by Linda Pink

  • 'Baby Boogie Shoes' by Cassey Rowe

  • 'Voodoo Highway' by Cassey Rowe

  • 'Tequila Boom Boom' by Jamie Barnfield


  • 'The Ghost' by Hayley Wheatley

  • 'Train Wreck' by Niels Poulsen

  • 'Looking Up' by Maggie Gallagher

  • 'Just A Notion' by Kim Liebsch

  • 'Misty Blue' by Lesley Stewart

  • 'Luckiest, Being Loved By You' by Eva Jørgensen

  • 'One More Troubadour' by John Sharman

  • 'Brand New Man' by Tina Argyle


  • 'Dancing With The Devil' by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

  • 'Starlight' by Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick

  • 'Jersey On The Wall' by Myra Harrold

  • 'Easy On Me' by Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

  • 'Again And Again' by Alison Biggs, Peter Metelnick & Jo Kinser

  • 'Long Hard Day' by Nancy Langsberg, Kirsty Harpham-Fox & I.C.E

  • 'Blood On A Rose' by Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen

  • 'We Danced Alone' by Mathew Sinyard

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